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Quality Policy Statement 

Since its establishment in 1974, Ronass has been focused on the production of various grades of paints and protective coatings. The company’s goal has always been to implement the highest technical standards and to fulfill and exceed customer needs.

In line with the above objective, Ronass follows the guidelines below according to ISO 9001:2008 requirements:

  1. Increase customer satisfaction
  2. Acquire and develop new  know-how and production techniques, and to make regular hardware updates
  3. Increase staff capabilities and competence through ongoing training
  4. Increase domestic market share and develop new export markets
  5. Execution of all procedures under a defined and controlled environment
  6. Continuous improvement through the analysis of production data and process outcomes

It is the aim of management to gather all the necessary resources for achieving the above described goals. Management will also evaluate the effectiveness of the QMS (Quality Management System) on a regular basis, and explore various strategies to continuously keep staff motivated. Management expects employees to collaborate, cooperate, and work towards reaching these shared goals.

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