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Ronass Chemical Producing Company never forgets it customers after a sale has been made. In fact, we support our clients until the very end of the effective product lifetime through technical support, consultations and education. This has been our philosophy from the very start and we see it as one of the main reasons that Ronass is one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

The technical support process is one of the most important parts of interactions with clients. The Technical Support team is continuously working to meet the different needs and requirements of clients. The assistance that this team offers is relative to the request of clients, whether through a simple phone consultation or a full site-visit.

Ronass’ technical support teams are always accessible by customers, addressing any needs or complaints that may come up before, during, or after a project is completed. The speed and agility of the Technical Support unit in answering the needs of customers are the value propositions offered by this unit in increasing customer satisfaction.

    Some of the services provided by the Technical Support team at Ronass include:
  1. Technical consultations
    • Selecting the appropriate protective systems for the correct conditions such as:
      • Weather conditions
      • Project location
      • Project conditions
      • Application equipment
      • Factors and conditions regarding corrosion
  2. Supervision of projects
    • Supervision during surface preparation
    • Supervision during application
  3. Technical inspection
    • Inspecting projects before coating application process and studying their unique conditions
    • Inspecting projects during application
    • Conducting periodical inspections of projects after application (Monthly/Yearly…)
  4. Training and education programs
    • Organizing theoretical classes
    • Organizing practical classes for proper application (at customer site)
    • Issuing certificates
    • Some of the organizations that have benefitted from Ronass training programs include:
      • Imam Khomeini Marine Sciences University (Nowshahr), Wagon Pars Co., TASHA Co., Water and Sewage Co. of Bandar Abbas, Arak Thermal Power Plant, Eshteal Arak Engineering Co., Iran Group of Surveyors (IGS), the office of the Governor General of Hormozgan Province
  5. Consultation and analysis of coatings with expired shelf life
  6. Investigation of customer complaints.
    The services listed above have been obtained by many clients of different sizes and across a wide range of industries. These services have benefitted these firms and organizations directly in a variety of ways. Some of these direct benefits include:
  1. Better use of Ronass products
  2. More effective protection against corrosion
  3. Faster and more effective surface preparation
  4. Faster and more effective application
  5. Creating a safer work environment when dealing with chemicals
  6. Reduced waste of products and manpower

FIturthermore, after receiving proper and focused training, managers, procurement specialists and application crews were more educated about coatings and were able to make more informed choices regarding identifying requirements and future interactions with coatings.

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