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It is our pleasure to report that Ronass, as a part of its environmental and occupational health and safety responsibilities, has secured ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certifications from ICS Certification Body.

These ISO certifications will complement the in-house management systems currently used by Ronass, and will set a framework for Ronass to better monitor its current performance, identify key improvement areas, and finally make any needed improvements; helping to further improve health and safety standards and reduce Ronass’ environmental impact.

We would like to congratulate the Ronass team on this achievement, and hope that these management systems will help Ronass to meet its obligations as an industry leader and its goal of being a socially responsible company.

Dear Customers, Colleagues and Friends

It is an honour to announce that on February 28th (The national day for the protection of consumers’ rights) for the fourth straight year, Ronass Chemical Producing Co. Inc. has been awarded the Consumer Rights certificate by the National Association of Consumer Rights for setting up the proper systems to monitor and ensure customer satisfaction, and its role in constructing a fair business environment for producers and consumers alike.

PlFurthermore, for the first time in the paint industry, Ronass has received the Bronze Consumer Rights Award, placing it in the top 40 companies in Iran regarding overall customer satisfaction and showcasing its commitment to safeguarding the rights of consumers in the industry.

Ronass would like to thank and congratulate its managers, staff and distribution network, alongside everyone that has played a role in getting Ronass to its current standing.

We wish All The best for Ronass Customers and Clients in 2015

Season Greeting

16th Iran International Marine Exhibition.

Date: November 22, 2014

You are hereby invited to visit our stand at the 16th Iran International Marine Exhibition (Iran IMEX 2014) being held on the shores of the Persian Gulf in Bandar Abbas, Iran. The exhibition will be held at the Permanent Exhibition Grounds from December 2nd – December 5th.

Please visit Ronass at stand #103 located in the main exhibition hall, where you can chat with our team of professionals regarding your next coating needs.

For more information on Iran IMEX 2014, please visit

40th Anniversary of Ronass Chemical Producing Co. Inc.

Date: November 24, 2014

This is a milestone year for Ronass Chemical Producing Co. Inc.; the passing of November 22nd, 2014 (the first of Azar, 1353) means that 40 years have passed from our inception near the city of Arak, Iran. Through the past 40 years, Ronass has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of paints and coatings in Iran, supplying the market with one of the most complete product baskets. And this makes us proud, because every liter of paint, coating and resin has been designed in our R&D facilities and produced in-house by local talent.

The management team at Ronass would like use this opportunity and congratulate all of our colleagues, partners and clients on the fortieth anniversary of Ronass.


Dear Guests,

You are hereby invited to visit our stand at the 19th International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition held at the Tehran Permanent Fairground. Our stand is located in Hall 31 B (Milad Hall) on the upper floor, stand number 1. The exhibition is being held from the 6th until the 9th of Masy.
We would like to thank you in advance for your presence.

TWith regards,

Ronass Chemical Producing Co. Inc.

The 12th Gathering on the Protection of Consumer Rightcs

The ninth of Esfand (coinciding with the 28th of February) is the National Day of Protecting the Rights of Consumers, and the annual gathering was held on the 10th of March to recognize companies that excel in customer satisfaction and protecting the rights of consumers. This year’s gathering was joined byMr. Nematzadeh, the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade; the Deputy Ministers of Industry, Mining and Trade, Mr. Taghavi and Mr. Abooi; Members of Parliament; and business executives.
This is the third year that Ronass Chemical Producing Company has been recognized for its industry-leading support channels and mechanisms for monitoring consumer feedback, managing after-sales support channels and nation-wide operations throughout Iran.
The goals of this gathering include motivating businesses in protecting the rights of consumers, increasing confidence in domestic producers and encouraging the public regarding products made in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Furthermore, some of the other aims of this conference are to increase competition in the market for the manufacturing and service sectors to improve the quality of their offerings, work towards establishing prices that are more fair, improve delivery times and after-sales services, and to further promote the use of products that are under the approval of the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI).

We congratulate the management and personnel of Ronass Chemical Producing Company of achieving this national award.

Ronass, a Quality Leader and ISIRI Benchmark

It is an honour to announce that Ronass Chemical Producing Company has been selected by ISIRI (the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran) as a top quality-oriented company within the Province. The award ceremony was held on October 26th and attended by the deputy head of ISIRI, the Governor of Markazi province, some Members .

This great honour is the result of a joint effort between our co-workers and management team, and we would like to congratulate them on this accomplishment. Ronass would also like to thank ISIRI and provincial officials for their unrelenting efforts in the advancement and improvement of quality in industry.

Elimination of Long Distance Codes Within Markazi Province

As of the 19th of August, 2013 long distance prefixes in Markazi Province have been removed and an eighth digit has been added to phone numbers. If you are making a phone call from within Markazi Province, you will no longer need to dial (0861) before the local number anymore. In Arak, a 3 has been added to the beginning of phone numbers.
In order to place a call from outside of Markazi province, dial (086) followed by the eight digit number you wish to reach. For more information about how a number has changed outside of Arak, you can SMS the old number to 3000086 or call 7718.
Our new Arak numbers can be found below:
                (086) 3328 5011-2
                (086) 3822 6634-6
                (086) 3328 5009

Visit Us at the 15th Marine Industries Conference - MIC2013

The Marine Industries Conference and Exhibition will be held this year from the 29th of October until the 1st of November in Kish Island located in the Persian Gulf. The conference is organized by the Iranian Association of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and the Kish FZE Organization. Every year companies, organizations, and professionals gather to discuss new trends and topics in various fields related to the marine industry, and Ronass will be there to represent one of the most important areas in the marine industry: protection.

Join us at MIC2013 to explore the various challenges that are faced by the marine industry and to discover the different solutions and opportunities offered to counter these challenges. 

To find out more information, please go to

We hope to see you there

Ronass Pad Manufacturing Company : Top Manufacturer of 1391
Ronass Pad Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of Ronass Chemical Producing Company, has been selected as the “Top Manufacturing Unit of Markazi Province for 1391 (2012-2013)”. The past year has been dedicated to domestic production and manufacturing and it is an honour to be selected as the “Top Manufacturing Unit” for such a year. This is the first time that Ronass Pad has been recognized with this honour and we would like to congratulate all Ronass Pad employees and managers on this accomplishment.

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The products and services offered by Ronass Pad are made possible by a joint effort made by the people that work in our organization. We hope that Ronass Pad continues to grow, improve, and achieve more accomplishments like this.

Traffic Paints Seminar
Come and find us at the Third Annual Traffic Paints Seminar held at the Polymer and Petrochemicals Institute in Tehran from the 20th to the 21st of May, 2013. The Seminar will focus on traffic paints, road markings, and road safety; and will include several informational workshops and presentations based on these topics.

For more information about the seminar, its organizers and participants, and the topics that will be discussed, refer to

The 12th Gathering on the Protection of Consumer Rights

The ninth of Esfand (27th of February) is the National Day of Protecting the Rights of Consumers and every year for the past twelve years, a gathering has been set up to recognize manufacturers and business that do their part in protecting the rights of their consumers, and in turn enjoy high levels of consumer satisfaction.
For the past two years, Ronass has been chosen and recognized as the leader in its industry in setting up the proper mechanisms to monitor consumer feedback, managing capable after-sales support channels, and offering a complete product range throughout the country. We are proud to report that Ronass is the first and only company in the paints and resins industry that has received the certificate for the protection of consumer rights from the Department of Consumer and Producer Rights Protection.
The gathering included keynote speeches from the Minister of Industry, Mining and Business, and the head of the Department of Consumer and Producer Rights Protection.

We are happy to be reporting this important accomplishment and would like to thank all the organizers of this event. We would also like to congratulate all of the companies that were recognized for their efforts, and last but not least, our amazing staff. Without our incredible staff, whether in Sales, Production, After-Sales Support, or any other part of Ronass, we would not have been able to achieve this great honoure.

ECOIT 2013 Conference (18.02.2013)
Ronass is proud to announce that it has been recognized as one of the top brands in Iran and meets the brand valuation requirements for monetary brand valuation based on the requirements of ISO 10668:2010. The assessment was The conference consisted of the top brand names in Iran operating in various manufacturing and service industries.

This was the fifth time that the conference was established, and its focus has been to award companies who have worked hard to establish, build and promote their brands. And we are delighted to inform you that Ronass was invited to attend.

Ronass was also awarded a Premium Quality Award certificate from ICS Group for its products and services, and another award for excellent public relations management in building its brand name.

Ronass would like to thank the organizers of ECOIT 2013, all the personnel at the IRIB International Conference Center, and everyone else that played a part in making the conference a success. Ronass would also like to thank and congratulate its amazing staff in all departments, especially our Public Relations team, for doing their part in making Ronass one of the top known brands in Iran.

Mexico the place to be in 2013
TMexico City has once again been chosen to host the 2013 Latin American Coating Show. The exhibit took place in Mexico City in 2011, and due to its success, it is returning to Mexico City.
The Latin American Coatings Show has been constant in its quality, service and providing that all-important item, a platform for great business. All our exhibitors and Visitors recognise that this exhibit has always delivered its goal of bringing the industry together, hence their supporting the event by returning year-after-year.
Mexico has entered the world arena of being one of the most sought after business destinations. Changes are under way in Mexico, which grew faster than Brazil last year, and by the end of this decade Mexico will probably be among the world's ten biggest economies. The Latin American COATINGS SHOW 2013 is a solid investment for your business for the future.
For more information please refer to

Visit Vietnam in May 2013 and See the world of Coatings


This year, the Asia Coating Congress is taking place on the 14th until the 15th of May in Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam. Vietnam has experienced sustained growth over the past few years, yet it is still an emerging market and has grown in importance to the paint industry, undergoing a 37% increase in consumption per head in the previous five years. In 2009, the paint market was close to 280,000 Tons (consumption per head of 3.20 Kg), and the projected 2014 number suggest a market size of close to 385,000 Tons (consumption per head of 4.38 Kg).
The Asia Coatings Congress is a great opportunity to enter this emerging market and it serves as a great platform to promote your business. For more information please refer to

We wish All The best for Ronass Customers and Clients in 2013

Season Greeting

Ronass Once Again Takes the Top Spot as the Province’s Top Manufacturer
Nov. 18 2012

Last week, Ronass was awarded Markazi Province’s “Top Manufacturer Award for 1390 (2011-2012)”. The awards are given out by the Standards Institute, and this has not been the first time we have been awarded as the Top Manufacturer in the Province. Ronass has taken the top spot more than ten times on a provincial level and seven times on a national level.
Manufacturers are graded on different criteria such as customer satisfaction, product quality, worker conditions, and overall management to name a few.

Ronass has maintained good relations with local municipalities and the provincial government, and wishes to continue this close relationship and thank the Markazi provincial government for this recognition award.

Ronass Adds Another Notch to its Belt
Nov. 17 2012

Ronass has recently been awarded the CE marking for its products from Ente Cetificazione Macchine .The CE marking is essential for any businesses that wish to enter the European Markets without adaption or rechecking of their products.

CE stands for “Conformité Européene” (European Conformity) and it notifies consumers that the product meets or exceeds the requirements of different European directives. Simply said, it is yet another measure of quality, trust, and attention to detail in Ronass products






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